Buy Bitcoins with PayTM

This page explains how to buy Bitcoin in India using PayTM. We have sold Bitcoins worth Lakhs of rupees in India over PayTM. We pride ourselves on our fast response time and professional service.

Buy Bitcoins using PayTM wallet in 3 steps:

1. Create LocalBitcoin account

Create an account on the website. This is an international website where you can keep your bitcoins. To go to this site click on the link below. Please be careful in going to this site as there are other sites which are copies of LocalBitcoins website and might want to scam you. To be sure that you are going to the right site, only click on the link below and create your account.

2. Create "Bitcoin Buy with PayTM" request

Once you have created the account click on the "Buy bitcoins online" button below to specify how much INR worth bitcoin you want to buy from PayTM. You can buy Bitcoins for as low as Rs. 100 using PayTM. You can buy any amount above that, but PayTM limits each transaction to be of Rs 5000 maximum. If you want to buy bitcoins more than Rs 5000 using PayTM, you can make multiple transactions in the same request.

Buy Bitcoins with PayTM

You might find that our rates are higher than US dollar rates. This is because of two reasons:

Firstly, rates for Bitcoin in India are higher by about 10% as compared to the rates in US dollars. This is largely because most of the Bitcoins that come to India, come from US and the payment providers charge about a 10% markup.

Secondly, rates for Bitcoin on PayTM are slightly higher because PayTM charges a transaction charge of around 2-3% from all merchants.

However, the rates for Bitcoins are going up daily so even if you pay 10% extra you will still most likely make a profit. Try to keep your Bitcoins for atleast a month before selling them back to make sure you are making a profit.

3. Make payment using PayTM

Once you initiate a buy request using the link above, we will send you instructions to make the payment. We respond fast, typically in less than a minute. Once you make the payment give us around 2 minutes to verify the transaction. Once verified we will ask LocalBitcoin to release the Bitcoins to you and they will come into your LocalBitcoin account.