Earn Free Bitcoins

If you are an existing customer of Zoobix, you can earn Rs. 150 worth of free Bitcoins. Simply share our home page link on either Facebook or a WhatsApp group of atleast 10 people and we will give your Rs 150 worth of free Bitcoins.

Earn Free Bitcoins worth Rs. 150 in following 3 steps:

1. Who is eligible ?

This offer is open ONLY to our existing customers[Trade name bonink on LocalBitcoins]. If you havent already bought Bitcoins from us, then this offer is not open for you. Please bookmark this page and check later for more free offers.

This offer can be redeemed only once by each customer.

2. What you need to do to get Free Bitcoins?

If you are already our existing customer, simply share our home page(Zoobix.com) on Facebook or WhatsApp or Twitter. Please make sure that you have atleast 10 friends on Facebook, or 10 members in the WhatsApp group or atleast 10 followers on Twitter to be eligible.

When you are sharing, please add a custom note indicating that you have bought bitcoins from us and how was your experience.

3. How to claim your Free Bitcoins?

Simply, initiate a buy request using the link below for Rs 150. Once we respond to the request, please share a screenshot of your Facebook or WhatsApp or Twitter share. We will quickly verify the share and release your bitcoins instantly.

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